The grief that comes with a loss of horse is at times hard to manage. The thought of, your horse, not being there anymore brings tears to your eyes. It’s an experience that no one wants to have yet we have to experience the death of close ones sooner later. It is indeed hard to accept the death and more often than not, people inside the family or outside may not relate to what you are feeling which even further makes it complicated. As you are unable to make them understand about the circumstances, people are often misunderstood and mistaken.

This loss can never be replaced by anything. More importantly, this loss can be devastating if one doesn’t know how to handle it. It is especially true for single isolated person who is detached from the society and makes the emotional connection with the animals. Since it isn’t there anymore, it brings the loneliness which in unbearable for those people specially.

But there are ways by which it makes easier to cope up with the grief.


Holding a memorial is a traditional way to pay tribute to your beloved close one. It eases the pain and subsequently brings peace into one’s mind. Via memorial, you can bring your other close ones and express the close bond that you had with your beloved horse. can help you with this. You can remember every little thing, every. Little details about the times that you had interactions and which brings many stories to tell. It is such an emotional even that, it can let your stress, pain out of the system and somewhat bring a sense of calm. Not to mention, with people close around you, it makes it easier for your mind to remain distracted which further helps the process of coming out from the grief which seems impossible initially.

You can also build a website to pay tribute to your beloved horse. Via this, you can write the stories that you had shared and it gives another way to express how you feel. Adding pictures, or videos further enriches the platform and not. Only you, but other horse enthusiasts could also find it interesting to listen to your story and related to them at some level.


Support groups are another way to cope up with grief. You should remember that, you aren’t the only person who lost something which was precious for them. Many other people also have gone through the same and can relate to you better than anyone else out there. They can understand your pain better, and with their own experiences, they can guide you on how to cope up the following days after losing the pet. You’ll be amazed how these simple talks can. Change your whole perspective and also has the ability to how you see life as it is.

But most importantly, give it time. Time is the best healer. With time, grief stage gets passed and you start to accept death which in turn, helps you in bringing yourself back in to the daily life.