And Adds Three Ice-cream scientists to Product Development Team

London, LDN – May 11, 2017 – BerryBurkins, a British Ice-Cream Brand that sells organic ice-cream, announced today the promotion of Elsa Style to the post of Chief Executive Officer. The position had recently been vacated by the former Chief Executive Officer, Elma Frighter, who has been headhunted by the rival ice-cream conglomerate Frozen Lollies. Concurrently, the company also announced that it had added Kitty Burgh, Strawberry Sean, and Shortcake Susan to the Product Development Team.

Fugh Furguson, the Managing Director and co-founder of BerryBurkins stated, “Elsa Style had done an outstanding job heading our Product Development and Marketing Teams singlehandedly these past seven years. Under her leadership, our ice-cream flavour portfolio has grown manifold, and the ingenuity of our products, both regarding the ingredients and processing is being applauded worldwide.

With her at the helm of the brand, heading the product development, marketing and product testing, we believe our brand will reach new heights.”

Elsa Style will be heading all three main departments of the ice cream brand BerryBurkins, namely, Product Development, Marketing, and Product testing. The managing heads of all these three departments will report directly to her. Every head will have a team of ten members working and reporting directly to them.

Elsa Style has been with the company for the past seven years. Before BerryBurkins, she was heading Product Development at the Italian gelato brand, Gelataria Frutta, where she worked for twelve years. Elsa had been with the Italian ice-cream brand since the very beginning. Despite her long tenure and excellent work she hadn’t been given her due to executive position, hence she decided to join BerryBurkins. “ I had been with them a long time, but I soon realised that I had become too comfortable in my position and that it was time for a change. I needed to move on and look for a better opportunity”. Elsa had said on first joining BerryBurkins.

Fugh Furguson, the current Managing Director, said, “It is an absolute honour to be leading a group of talented scientists, connoisseurs, and chefs. It is my duty to harness what these talented individuals have to offer and extract only the best results from their efforts. What you see in the shop is only the tip of the iceberg. Our team creates a plethora of flavours and colors, out of which only a few make it to the market. We have some excellent ice-cream professionals working with us, and with their help, we aim to create ice cream flavours our customers will love.”